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The Flood and the Prophets

HERE PRESENTED is what was adopted for the martyrology of the period of the universal flood. Out of this catastrophe were saved those from whom sprang the generations of Yaitowi, a just and perfect man.

Yaitowi, in his time, walked with Dios when came to pass the days when waters rose over the earth to destroy all living things, alike beneath the sky, on the earth, and living in the water--even the birds who fly over the earth in the open expanse of the sky. It so happened that on the seventh day of February the flood waters covered the earth. In this time of Yaitowi, in the year 614, the day of the 17th of that same month of February, it rained all over the world. This continued for fourteen days and fourteen nights. Since the blessed end, every thing that had been alive, and all life substance was thus finished. The waters increased hugely over all the earth, destroying all living things, after the days of men and women were terminated.

And on the seventeenth of the month of July the waters were receding until the first of October, when the tops of the hills showed. And the first day of November, the water retired from the

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world's surface. Yaitowi and thirteen others as well as eleven women were saved on the hill of Parbus, which today is called Maatale. And on the hill of Jonas, eleven souls and one woman called Emac Dolores were saved. The woman disappeared in the seventh year, turning into a statue of stone, now Mount Matuakame.

On Egosin hill, now called Tosalkawi, six were saved, and three from Mount Tohowai, called today Rehepakawi.

On Golgota, now named Te'etpa'aria, Fou Emac and two more were saved. From Otameahui and the Sinaii sierra, now called Samawaaka, a man named Vaculo and a woman, Domicilia who is an angel, seven birds, and seven asses, and seven little dogs were saved. Also from the sierra of Vaber, now Totoitakuse'epo, a man called Ekitoyis and a woman, Paresenobix survived.

After these events, it came to pass that two angels arrived at the hills of Sinai at the break of dawn. Vaculo and Fou Emac were seated on a stone, singing the Holy Hymn. On seeing the angels, they arose to receive them, bowing toward the ground and toward the sky. They addressed the angels, "Well, gentlemen, sent by your God to this valley of tears, we beg that you defend us."

The angels said, "All difficult things may be done by Dios. At the assigned time one comes after who has made the road of Dios straight. And we will return here according to the time of your lives."

And on the seventh day, when morning came, there was thunder and lightning and thick clouds all over the hills. It was seen that in those days the angel San Gabriel came, sent by Dios, saying

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to Vaculo and Fou Emac and Serafina, "Repent, for the reign of the king of the heavens, of the holies, of the altar is close. For this is the one of whom was spoken by the prophet. Indomin patricin and go by the way of our Dios and Father." They went.

And they arrived at the place called Venedici. And they heard the voice of Dios, "And I, Dios, bless Vaculo, Fou Emac and Serafina, and I will spread the blood of man because man is made in the image of Dios. Now there will be no more flood to destroy the earth, which is a sign. For centuries I will put my arch in the clouds. When I cause clouds to come over the earth, I will allow my arch to be seen. Remember me, and today my arch will be on the altar and in the second tabernacle of Dios, to remind me of my pact between myself and all living souls."

And they said to Dios, "What do you want us to do?" And they said, "Give us some of your glory in our holy altar."

And Dios spoke to them. "You may drink from the glass from which I drink." And he commenced to speak, "Take care that no one deceives you. This is my house of prayer. You will be called by all kinds of men who are false prophets. There are many caves of thieves. If one speaks to you, saying, J am Dios,' do not believe him. They carry false testimony. Brothers against brothers, parents against children will kill one another. And the false prophets will read you signs to deceive you. And at a time foretold, Rahbonix will come."

These are our ancient, chronological generations, the years which completed the end, the known deeds to which we refer in this general

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table of ancient law and letters as told by Ynexselci deo mamfin.

The correctness of the Holy Trinity, garden of Dios (which is now Potam), is known. In Eden, now Bacum, our Mother, Saint Rosalie, was the marvelous apparition of the year 707.

And likewise in the year 902 was seen the marvelous vision of the Holy Cross in Venedicit, which today is Abascaure. Finally comes the incarnate birth of our Father, Jesucristo, redeemer of the world.

After these things, in the year 1414 to 1417, Andreas Kowame, Isiderio Sinsai, Andres Quizo, and Rabdi Kowame appeared. Rabdi Kowame preached to those who accompanied him that day, the sixth of the first month of the innocent children of 1414. "Travel over all of the forests, hills, and villages to come out at a place called Takalaim. Preach the holy division line and announce the gospel of the reign of God." And he said, "Go ahead, do honor, and preach the Holy Hymn."

Passing on from there a little farther, they arrived at Cocoraqui, where they taught the holy doctrine and commandments of Dios. Leaving Cocoraqui, en route to Cabora, Rabdi Kowame says, "Eli Eli lama sabactani," which means, "My Lord, come forth and do honor."

Proceeding from there, and farther on, arriving at Cabora, he speaks again to those who accompany him, "Watch that no one deceives you, for many men will come, and he will deceive you, 'I am he, sent by Dios,' and he will deceive many of you and our children. Do not hear those who come after this. War will be seen, and we will be upset, and there will be no end." JV

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