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Plate 17
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Plate 17

Prayer sticks for the Mountains of the four directions.

N: Spruce wood (brown; face yellow) and twigs; headdress (center black, outlined in green, sides red, top edged with green), symbol of snow for winter. W: Pine (brown; face blue); o’kai reeds (green) from early spring water plant; headdress (center lobe black, side lobes green), symbol of early leaves for spring. S: Fir(?) (brown, face red); cattail leaves (green); headdress, symbol of jar, clouds (face, white) and water (green) for summer. E: Aspen (gray, face white); corn leaves (green) ("the clothes"); headdress, symbol of field (red terrace outlined in black; lightning symbol in black) for fall. Turkey feathers at ears of all four prayer sticks; eagle down at top.