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Where is she
    who would never marry?
In a kayok to the mainland
    going away.

p. 163

Dost thou see, my eyes,
    dost thou see them?
Ia, ha, ha, ha, ha!
To a tent of ragged skins,
    he has brought her, crying;
    (the Fulmar, her husband)
Her father with her elder brother
    in a boat coming;
    (he, seeking his daughter)
In a boat his daughter embarked.
Her husband, the Fulmar, cried:
    (thus the Magician!)
The Fulmar says: "My means for transforming
    let me see them as they are;
    let me see them once more."
Now they are taking the woman back;
    to the tent going home;
    the Fulmar followed,
    (thus the Magician!)
Wind very strong to come near them;
    (he made, the Magician!)
    they were shipwrecked, nearly.
    (Her father fears death!)
His daughter he pushes
    into the sea.
To the boat on both sides—
    to the boat she clings.
    (Still followed, the Fulmar!)
With a knife he struck her;
    whales emerged.
Again he struck her;
    a thong seal emerged.
Again he struck her;
    a fiord seal emerged.
    (thus the Magician!)
Her whole body she leaned.
    (Sednor, fearing death!)

p. 164

With a knife into the eyes
    he stabbed her;
He killed her.
    (Thus the Fulmar, the Magician!)
On the shore
    her father lifted her.
A quilt he took;
    on the beach laid her down.
With a dog skin she was covered,
    (Sednor, the Beautiful)
The flood-tide took her.

(Based on a literal translation.)

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