Sacred Texts  Native American  Plains 

The Sun Dance and Other Ceremonies of the Oglala Division of The Teton Dakota.

by J. R. WALKER.


Title Page

The Sun Dance

The Sun Dance
Choosing the Mentor
Preparation Of The Candidate
Instruction Of A Shaman
Secret Instructions for a Shaman
Regalia of the Candidate
Special Instructions for the Ceremony
Duties of the People
The Journey of the Bands to the Sun Dance Site
The First Day's Ceremony
The Second Day
The Third Day
The Fourth Day
The Second Four Day Period
Sacred Lodge Erected
Scouting For The Tree
Building the Sun Lodge
The Buffalo Feast
Greeting the Sun
Capture of the Tree
The Procession of Sex
Raising The Sun Pole
Greeting the Sun on the Fourth, or Mid-Year Day
Preparation of the Candidates
Installation of the Dancers
The Buffalo Dance
Piercing Children's Ears
The Sun-Gaze Dance
The Scalp-Staff Dance
Completion of the Ceremony

The Hunka Ceremony

The Hunka Ceremony
Equipment for the Ceremony
Order of Ceremony
The Ceremony
The Symbolic Capture
Incense and the Pipe
The Meat Offering
Pronouncing Them Hunka
Waving the Wands
Rites of the Buffalo Skull
Rites of the Ear of Corn
Painting and Exchanging Clothing
The Secret Ceremony

The Buffalo Ceremony

The Buffalo Ceremony

Translations of Texts

Translations of Texts
Wakan Tanka
Conception of Energy
The Concept Ni
Invocation By A Shaman
Autobiographical Note by Sword
The Number Four
The Circle
The Four Great Virtues
The Causes of Diseases


When the People Laughed at Hanwi
When the Wizard Came
The Old Woman
When Wohpe Came to the World
How the North Wind Lost His Birthright
How the West Wind Became the Companion of the Winged God
Wooing Wohpe
The Wars Of The Winds
The Feast by Tate
How the Lakota Came Upon the World
The Buffalo Woman
The Death of Iya
Iktomi and the Young Man
The Stone Boy
The Wizard and His Wife
How the Lark Won the Race
The Sun Dance Taught to the Lakota
How Big-Foot Got His Name
Legends of the Origin of the Buffalo Ceremony
The Beginning of Foot Racing