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p. 266


They spread out sand making it smooth. Around the border of this they put up eagle tail feathers in a circle. The people sit around. They make red, yellow, and white paint. They provide too L'ectcîc, and pollen and blue (made by mixing white paint with charcoal). Here in the center is placed a clay vessel containing water. One person sits on one side and another on this side. They strew down the colors making all the animals which are on the earth. Those sitting around do not omit any of them. They watch the work and ask each other if all have been made. Then those for whom the ceremony is held come there and sit in a row. They sit on all of the animals. The medicineman shakes the rattle and sings. The patients cry very hard. Their hands begin to twist, their feet to get crooked. They cry and their noses run. The medicineman puts the rattle under their feet, on their hands. He embraces them. Now they get well. They drink the medicine and put it all over their bodies. They get well.

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