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Long ago our camp was in the mountains beyond Taos. They moved away east after buffalo. They camped at TsedaLîjînye, "stone black", at ILedzîtsôye, at Tsaiskaye, "stone cup", at Ts'ist'aye, at Tcîcnadenlaye, trees in a line", at TcîcgôdîLaneye, "stumps many", at Tsets'ôsgaiye, "stones fall down", at Xanadlîneye, "many springs", at Tsetcîtcîyadn?aye, "rough stones stick up", at Nabî?anye "a river", and at Dlestsôye, "yellow paint ".

They brought meat in there; deer, white-tail deer, and elk. They saw buffalo there also and rode to them killing them. After a while they moved east to Dîgôjye, and still farther east to K'aisîkaye, "willows stand". There they brought in deer, white-tail deer, and elk. They moved to CaLgîjîhî, camping on the side of the mountain. From there they moved to Tseîtcîcî and ÎLkînacnkaye, "gun was found", and TseLtsôdas?ãye, "stone yellow stands". Turning sunwise they came back, carrying much antelope and white-tail deer meat. They were not hungry as they came back to Tsentcîncîhî ain?ahî. We went up the canyon to TsedagôLtcîye, "stones top red", to Tsedahînltcîyeye, to TseîgaLîye, "stone rattle", to Tsejîkahî?aye "stones run into the water", to Nabî?anye, to Xagagaiye, to Xanadlîneye. "springs", to Tsenasdzôdeye, "stones parallel", to Dîbenadjîlôye, "sheep lowered down", to a place down stream from TcanLãhi, "much manure". They came with the meat to Idîcl'îcîye, then to Tcîcîye, "red paint", then to Baitdzesîkaye, then to Dlecnt'ûeye, "poor paint", then to Mai?kôdjîcdjîdeye, and then they all camped by Taos at TseLãye, "stones many".

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