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At another time they were off on a buffalo hunt. While one man was scouting ahead for the enemy he saw one of the enemy also scouting. They came toward each other, stood some distance apart and talked by the sign language. They motioned that they should come near to each other. One of them threw his arrows on the ground and held out his empty hand. Then the other one also threw his arrows upon the ground. The enemy held up his bow toward him and put that on the ground also. The Jicarilla held up his bow and put it on the ground. The enemy drew his knife, showed it to the Jicarilla, and placed it on the ground. The Jicarilla signed that he had no knife. Then they agreed to meet in the center and to make friends. Each said that he was without weapons. They met and commenced to talk by signs. Soon they were fighting with their fists. The Jicarilla was getting tired. The enemy picked him up and commenced to carry him where his weapons were lying. The Jicarilla had a knife suspended about his neck. As the enemy was carrying him toward his weapons he thought about his knife, drew it and stabbed the enemy under his arm. He dropped him and ran for his weapons. When he was close by them he

p. 248

fell and died. The Jicarilla scalped him, took all his weapons, and carried them to his camp. Everyone was frightened and ran back to his own country. When they came back, they made the scalp dance with it.

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