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When Panther hunts they say he kills many deer. He only kills the big bucks. His house is full of buckskin. He only eats the hind quarters and the breast. His wife dresses hides until she is tired and then calls her daughter to help. "I told you to rub this skin. You are lazy about it," she said to her.

The trees about his house were about to break with the drying meat. Wolf came to visit them. He gave him a hind quarter when he came to his tent. People's fat is good. He pounded the meat for him and gave it to him. "Have you satisfied your hunger, my partner?" he inquired.

"Thanks, my friend, I have had enough." When he went home his children ate of the meat and were happy. "I do not want anything," his wife said, "I am satisfied. My husband goes hunting and comes back with meat."

"That is the way I do," said Wolf. "I kill nothing but bucks for you. I began by killing fawns but now I don't shoot them. You shall eat nothing but hind quarters. You shall be wiping the fat from your mouth. When I start out to kill I succeed. There is plenty of buckskin in my house. You will see plenty of deer meat there and you will get tired of carrying it. You will be tired of carrying meat by the time I have hunted twice. You may rely on me for I do it for you. No one comes to me and asks for meat in vain."

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