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They say Woodpecker spoke as follows: "I like to climb trees. I live among them because no one talks to me. I peck holes and eat with my hard bill. I raise my children in the holes I make. That is why I like the trees. I live upon their pitch. Whatever happens I do not complain

p. 238

because I have supernatural power. I like to carry about the rotten pine. I like to pull off its bark. I like the trees because I live upon them. He painted my face red and made my bill with which I carry wood. Although I peck with it all day, my head does not ache. My hand does not get tired because I am used to it. I go among the trees all the time because I like them very much. I eat the pitch and get fat from it. I go among the trees by means of my wings. I like to fly about from the top of one tree to another. That is why I do not complain. Because it is my nature I live among the trees. I sleep well in my house."

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