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Coyote, as he was traveling, came to the shore of a large lake where he lay down and went to sleep. Beaver coming there, took him out to the center of the lake where he woke him up. Coyote started to swim to the shore but when he had gone a little way, gave it up, and came back. Beaver, swimming around him, forced him toward the shore. Coyote continued to turn back and Beaver to force him on, until he finally reached the shore where he came out of the water nearly dead.

He walked along keeping watch until he found Beaver sleeping on the shore of the lake. Coyote, taking him on his back, carried him far from the water where he woke Beaver. Beaver started back to the water, hitching himself along. Coyote kept running about him as he crawled along. When Beaver got back to his home, he was nearly dead and had the skin all worn from his hands.


231:1 This statement lacks connection. The full story explains the shortening of Wildcat's nose and the lengthening of Coyote's, the one operating on the other while sleeping.

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