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A Travois-Blackfoot photography by Edward Curtis [ca. 1900] (Public Domain Image)

Blackfoot Lodge Tales

by George Bird Grinnell


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Title Page
Indians And Their Stories

Stories Of Adventure

The Peace With The Snakes
The Lost Woman
Adventures Of Bull Turns Round
The Bad Wife
The Lost Children
Mik-a´pi—Red Old Man
Heavy Collar And The Ghost Woman
The Wolf-Man
The Fast Runners
Two War Trails

Stories Of Ancient Times

Origin of the I-kun-uh´-kah-tsi
Origin Of The Medicine Pipe
The Beaver Medicine
The Buffalo Rock
Origin Of The Worm Pipe
The Ghosts’ Buffalo

Stories Of Old Man

The Blackfoot Genesis
The Dog And The Stick
The Bears
The Wonderful Bird
The Race
The Bad Weapons
The Elk
Old Man Doctors
The Rock
The Theft From The Sun
The Fox
Old Man And The Lynx

The Story Of The Three Tribes

The Past And The Present
Daily Life And Customs
How The Blackfoot Lived
Social Organization
The Blackfoot In War
Medicine Pipes And Healing
The Blackfoot Of To-day