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The Thunder Bird Tootooch Legends, by W.L. Webber, [1936], at

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The Thunder Bird


The Thunder Bird is the crest of the Raven Clan. It is not a mere idol, but a powerful, mystic emblem having its origin among the native tribes of British Columbia. The Medicine men and other members of these tribes believe that the Thunder Bird is a powerful god, under whose protection come brotherhood, peace plenty and goodwill. He is the Sagalie Tyee (Creator God), and when he flaps his wings and blinks his eyes it rains and the storm rages; thus the evil spirits are driven to the lonely, high, mountain ranges.

Keep this emblem always and you will be under the protection of the Thunder Bird wherever you may be. It will bring you the best that life has to offer; your business dealings will prosper, the course of your love will run smooth, and goodwill toward your fellow creatures will fill your heart and will be returned a hundredfold.

This symbol is protected by numerous members of the clan scattered throughout this land and the possession of it, or the presence of a likeness of it in your house, will enable your fellow members to know you at sight wherever you may meet them. They are people whose sense of humor is strong, their hospitality is unlimited, they are jealous of the glory of this brotherhood and all the emblem stands for and will go far and do much for a Tillicum. Hyiu-Tillicum (Much Friend) is the password.

As a member of the Thunder Bird Fellowship you must resolve to live an upright and honorable life, distinguishing your name and yourself by Mamook (Good Works). Siam (The Bear) will come to your aid and give you strength and wisdom to paddle your own Camin (Canoe).

Seek out the silent places, ramble among the works of nature and gaze upon the sky and the green earth and so you will talk with Sagalie Tyee (The Great Spirit) who lives everywhere, in the trees, in the flowers, in the sun and wind, in the blades of grass, in the Skookum Chuck (Rivers) and in the Salt Chuck (Sea).

Live a simple life and waste not, for what cannot be used today can be held for tomorrow. Be clean in mind and body for if you are

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not, Tootooch (Thunder Bird) will be vexed with you, shaking his wings in thunder and flashing his eyes in lightning to show his anger.

Strive always for reputation for generosity of word and deed. Potlatch (give), that you may receive. Be kind and just, affectionate to children and to the aged and infirm. Make your word your bond. Call upon Siam (The Bear) for aid in helping you deal rightly by your tillicums and fellowmen.

Let the words "Put yourself in his place" be your guiding principle of conduct at all times.

Follow the rules and spread glory and reputation of the Raven Clan.

The Raven

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