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The Thunder Bird Tootooch Legends, by W.L. Webber, [1936], at

The Spider Lady and Thunder Bird and His Four Sons
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The Spider Lady and Thunder Bird and His Four Sons

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The object of writing the "Thunder Bird" Legends is: To induce the Indians to think about themselves and to unite and band them together in all common purposes. Although they are heirs of the ages, the mighty forces of modern democracy threaten to strip them of their wise primitive culture as it has done to almost all of the American Indian tribes:

That these tales will give the Indians courage to guard and defend themselves from those who would transgress upon their inherited rights and privileges by imbuing them with thoughts and ideals of their own.

It is also hoped they will stir within, and unfold, their artistic talents, expand and develop their abilities, enabling them to acquire a greater and wider mode of life.

Throughout these stories an effort has been made to tell how the Indian Tribes lived, their hospitality and friendliness; the philosophical ideas of a heroic race of nature-loving people.

It is expected that the legends will be criticised by the Indians themselves as well as by others who have a greater knowledge than the writer has acquired, but he nevertheless hopes that they will be accepted in the spirit in which they are dedicated.


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