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At the time of the flood the Nanyaâ' were climbing a mountain on the Stikine river, called Sêku'qle-ca, and a grizzly bear and a mountain goat went along with them. Whenever the people stopped, these two animals stopped also, and whenever they moved on the animals moved on. Finally they killed the bear and preserved its skin with the claws, teeth, and so forth, intact. They kept it for years after the flood, and, as soon as it went to pieces, they replaced it with another, and that with still another up to the present time. This is why they claim the grizzly bear. During the times when this bear skin has been shown thousands of dollars worth of slaves and furs have been given away. Shakes (Cêks), head chiefs of this clan, would go up to a row of slaves and slap each one, upon which the slave would either have to be killed or sent home. This is why they gave great names to their children. They were very proud of owning this bear and did all kinds of things toward it. That is why all Alaska speaks of the Nanyaâ' as the chief ones owning the grizzly bear. Very many songs were composed concerning it, with words such as these, "Come here, you bear, the highest bear of all bears."

They also have the head of the mountain goat, but they do not value it as highly.

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