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p. 480

43. L!â'lamîn. 1

Tradition of the L!â'L!Elâmîn, a Clan of the Nimkish.

(Told by NEg*ê'.)

L!â'lamîn built a house at K!â'k*!axLala, in the middle of the river, making a foundation of heavy logs, which he piled one on another, and which he weighted down with stones. Before he finished his house, the river rose, and the foundation drifted down the river. T!â't!Endzid and Sê'wid lived with him in the same house. They were helping him build the house. T!â't!Endzid said, "Probably this will happen every time the river rises. We shall not be able to finish the house. Let us try to build here. Let us stay with Famous-One (Ts!êl?wâ'lagamê?)." L!â'lamîn agreed, and requested him to ask the permission of Famous-One, who gave them a place next to his own house. He called L!â'lamîn his brother, and gave to his house the name Ku'mkumx*lalîl. The house had doors in front and in the rear. Every time a woman went by to get water, L!â'lamîn took hold of her, took her into the house, and married her.

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