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Ô'?mâl Paints the Birds.

Then Ô'?mâl painted his tribe. They carried up the fishes. Then the harlequin duck, and the buffle-head, and all the birds, and all the animals, were, painted. Then the land seaward emerged. (Ô'?mâl) was in a hurry, and he only rubbed coal over the raven, and he also rubbed clay over the sea-gull. Then they went down to the beach and picked up the fish,--halibut and all kinds of fish. The squirrel and the mouse went many times. Then the flood-tide came quickly. The flood came. It reached several of the people of Ô'?mâl. These dived on the islands; and those who were not caught by the sea became the land-birds. The flood came quickly. The snail had not gone down to the beach.

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