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Q!â'nêqi?laxu, and Ts!â'ts!ô.

"Come," said Ts!â'ts!ô, "that we may play!" Thus said Ts!â'ts!ô to Olachen-Woman. Then Ts!â'ts!ô gave his blanket to Olachen-Woman. Then she put on the blanket that she had gained in gambling. Q!â'nêqi?laxu said, "Don't go on the beach." Thus said Q!â'nêqi?laxu. Then Olachen-Woman spoke. "Don't say that to me, lord!" Thus said Olachen-Woman. "Say to me, 'Dried herrings are jumping on the beach,' lord." (Then he said,) "'Jump on the beach, jump on the beach! Dried herring, dried herring,' say to me, lord." Then she put the corner of the blanket into the sea. Behold! dried herrings made a noise, "Ssss!" Shoals of herrings were jumping ashore on the land. They were taken by the tribe. Then the wife of Ô'?mâl, Fog-Woman, found it difficult to scoop up the herrings. Then she took her pubic hair and netted a net to take the herrings.

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