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Mink roasts the Salmon.

(Dictated by Yâ'gôLas, a ?nE'mgês, 1900.)

Then he carried it in his hand. He borrowed the fish-knife of Mother. "Mother, lend me your fish-knife."--"What are you going to do with it?"--"I want to play."--"What are you going to cut?"--"It is a kelp. I will play cutting it." Well, go and get it, it is in that little bag." Then he took the fish-knife. "Take good care of it, else you will lose it." Then Born-to-be-the-Sun went and began to split the salmon. Then he roasted the salmon-roe. It tasted very nice. He ate the whole of it. Then he had enough. Then he roasted the salmon and the bones. The head was on it. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun became sleepy. He lay down, his back towards the fire. Then he said, "Take care of my roast, trees."--"Wô!" said the trees. Behold! children were sitting on the trees. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun went to sleep. The children came down, and stole and ate the roast (salmon) of Born-to-be-the-Sun. The children finished the roast. Then they rubbed some of the blood of the fish on the mouth of Born-to-be-the-Sun, and they pulled out with their fingers Born-to-be-the-Sun's musk-bag. Then the children went home.

Born-to-be-the-Sun awoke. "T, t, t, t! that tastes bad. These rascals evidently have eaten my roast." Then he arose and tried to start. His backside just tried to go forward. Then he felt of his backside, and behold he

p. 145

had no musk-bag. "These rascals! they did mischief to my musk-bag." He went towards the beach and sat down on the rocks on the point of land. Somebody came paddling along. "Tell me some news."--"We have no news," said, on their part, those who were paddling along. "Those behind us (have news)."--"Wâ!" he said, on his part. Somebody came paddling along. Tell me some news." "We have no news. Those behind us (have news)." Then they passed. Another canoe came. "Tell me some news."--"We have no news. Those behind us (have news)." Then some one came paddling by. "Come ashore," he said, on his part. "It is said that you have news."--"Oh, indeed! we have news about the musk-bag of Born-to-be-the-Sun. It is said, it is thrown about by the children."--"That is what I meant," said Born-to-be-the-Sun.

Then Born-to-be-the-Sun started. He wanted to be ahead while he was going to the play-ground of the children. Then he heard the children. "Hayuhû'ya, hûya, hu'yu!"

Thus said what was heard by him. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun started. He went hiding, wanting to go ahead of them. From time to time he tried to run. His backside every time went ahead. Then his musk-bag was thrown up by the children. "Hayuhû'ya, hûya, hu'yu!" They threw it up. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun said, "Come this way! Come this way! Come this way!" Then his musk-bag would come nearer. It was again thrown up by the children. Then it jumped, and came jumping right on Born-to-be-the-Sun. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun jumped on the beach, and sat on his musk-bag. Then he was seen by the children. "Yä! little fellow! Born-to-be-the-Sun is trying to get his musk-bag into himself." Then Born-to-be-the-Sun

p. 147

just said, "Sit on it! Sit on it! Sit on it!" and the children said, "Do go on, let us sing to Born-to-be-the-Sun."--"Indeed, let us do so," said the other children. "He tries to sit on it! He tries to sit on it! He tries to sit on it,--on his musk-bag,--Born-to-be-the-Sun." Thus they said. "He tries to sit on it! He tries to sit on it! He tries to sit on it,--on his musk-bag!" Then he sat down on his musk-bag, and it went into him. His musk-bag only showed on one side. Then he pushed the one side of it, and it went in, and he got his musk-bag. "Yä!" said the children, the sons of the wolves. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun returned and searched for the fish-knife to give to Mother. "Why! I was away a very long time, trying to get back my musk-bag. Mischief was done to me by the children."

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