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Mink wants to marry Sawbill-Duck-Woman.

(Dictated by Yâ'gôLas, a ?nE'mgês, 1900.)

Then he wanted to marry again. I want to marry Sawbill-Duck-Woman."--"Go on," said Mother. Then he went to his future wife. He had white feathers on her head. He was sitting down at the place of his wife. There were many sea-eggs. Then said his sister-in-law (the younger sister of his wife), "Does not your husband eat sea-eggs?"--"Not I," said Born-to-be-the-Sun: "I spit blood if I eat them."--"I must go and empty them out."--"Don't empty them carelessly. Let their place

p. 133

be a nice spot." Then the sea-eggs were emptied out. Then Born-to-be-the-Sun went out to eat among the sea-eggs. He was eating the sea-eggs well on the ground, like one crazy, although he had said that he would not eat them. "Where is your husband?" said the younger sister of his wife. Go and see if he went to what you emptied out." Then the younger sister of his wife came in. "Is not this rascal eating among the sea-eggs? Strike him, even if he should die at once." Then they took poles and struck him. Now there was only foam on his mouth, and he was dead. Then he was found by women. "Oh, is not this Born-to-be-the-Sun who is foaming at the mouth?" "T, t, t, t!" he said, on his part. "Indeed, I have slept very long."

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