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They lived there (together). They were five brothers. No man ever could pass by there. Whenever (they) saw any one pass there, they killed him right away. Even if two persons passed by, still they would kill them. A little farther away many people were living. Everywhere they were talking about it. People were afraid of them. They had killed too many people. So thus said the chief (of) the people who lived farther away: "How would it be if we should arrange (some) games?" Thus spoke their chief. "(They) may or may not come here to take part in the games." Now, verily they said, "It will surely be good when people (will) play. Different people will play here." So, indeed, they prepared the ground for the games. A stone wall was put up high. On top of it a crosspiece was placed. "If we bring up (any one) here, and if the head goes over this cross-piece, then at the same time we shall hit the head." Over there people were going to play. And also here at the stone wall, close to the ocean, people were going to play. The wall was put up in the ocean. Then their chief thought. "Good, if (it be) thus."

Then, verily, different people came to play there. Then p. 93 they tried it. "Please, you try it!" Thus (one) was thinking. A rope was placed around his head. One person was standing below. He was going to watch the players. Now, indeed, he ran from above. His neck was fastened with a rope. So he came to the man who was standing below. Thus he said: "I was almost out of breath as I was running from above." Thus he said: "You shall run up again." Then he fixed the rope. "Here on this side make a knot." Indeed, he had it so. Indeed, he ran upwards. Some one was pulling him from above; nevertheless it seemed as if he was running up (by himself). Lucky money was going to be their stake. Whenever the lucky money was rolled down, he (the player) would then run down. He would desire to overtake it, to take hold of it. Their stake would fall into the ocean, and some one would go and get it.

Now, the five brothers (Grizzly-Bears) heard about it. On this side one man was living. Thus the elder brother said, "How would it be if I should go there? I should see the people play." Thus he was thinking. Indeed, he went there. Indeed, he came there to the man who lived there. He asked him, "What are they doing?" Thus he spoke. "People are playing. It will be good, indeed, if you get there. You must go there quickly." (The man) scared him. Thus he spoke: "Money is their stake. They play for it. No one can overtake it (and) seize it. If one takes hold of it, it belongs to him. So their chief said." Now, indeed, he saw it when he arrived there. Suddenly Black Bear ran up. Thus he was thinking. "Won't I be able to run up?" Thus he was thinking: "Like some old woman that one is running up there." Now Raccoon ran up. He saw, as (they) fixed him, as (they) put a rope around his neck. Thus (one) said to Raccoon, "When you are pulled from above, then you shall turn the knot p. 95 around your cheek, and you shall run up." Now, surely it was thus. It seemed as if he was really running, but he was pulled up from above. Now the lucky stake was let [slide] down. The person who arrived there looked at it. He ran down at the same time that the (stake) was let [slide] down. The lucky money fell into the water. One man stood there. He watched it whenever it fell into the water. He always went to get it.

Grizzly-Bear looked on as people were thus playing. High up different people were playing. Thus some one said to Grizzly-Bear, "It's your turn now. You will see people playing up above. Different people are playing there. You will see them." Indeed, so he told him, "I will put a rope around your neck." Thus answered Grizzly-Bear. "Not so, I will climb up without a rope."--"Certainly, climb up." He ran. He went a little way up and slid down again. Grizzly-Bear looked up. Thus he said: "All right! put a rope around my neck." Now, indeed, he placed a rope around his neck. He made a knot on the back. Indeed, he was drawn tip from above. He arrived there at the cross-piece. They struck his neck. It seems he did not look out, and was killed. He was rolled aside (from) where the people were playing.

The next day another (Grizzly-Bear) came. "What may (be the reason why) he does not come back?" Thus he said to his younger brother. "I, too, will go there." Indeed, he went, and he came to the man who was living there. Thus Grizzly-Bear spoke: "Have you seen my elder brother?"--"Here are the remnants of his meal, behold, look at them!" Grizzly-Bear believed it. "Where did he go?"--"There (where) people are playing. Different people are playing there. They are playing with lucky money. You shall go there. Your elder brother may be there among them." Thus he spoke to him. Indeed, he went, and he arrived p. 97 there. Indeed, to his surprise, he saw the people play. Thus he was thinking. "Won't I be able to run up?" Thus he was thinking. "Like an old woman that one there is running up."--"Do you want to play? Your elder brother may be high up. They are playing there. He may be there among them. Different people are playing there." Thus (one) said to him. Raccoon ran up. The stake was let [slide] down, and he followed it. The stake fell into the water. Some one went after it, and brought up the lucky stake. Grizzly Bear looked at it. "Now, it's your turn, Grizzly Bear." Thus (one) said to him. Indeed, he now (ran up). He did not care. He only wanted to climb up. Indeed, (one) put the rope around his neck. Grizzly Bear said nothing. The knot was tied on the back. He came very near getting on top. He was out of breath. His head came to the cross-piece. His neck was struck, and he was killed. He was rolled aside.

"What may be (the reason why) he does not come back? I will follow him." Thus (another) Grizzly Bear said. Indeed, he went, and came to the man who lived there. "Have you seen my elder brothers? Did they two pass by here?"--"Surely, they two ate here. Look, here are the remnants of their meal!"--"Where did they two go?"--"There (where) they play. Different people play there. Your two brothers are among them." Indeed, he went there; and, to his surprise, be saw the people play. Black Bear ran up. Thus (Grizzly Bear) thought. "Won't I be able to run up? Like an old woman, that one there is running up." Indeed, he came there. Thus Grizzly Bear said: "Where are my brothers?" He was gradually getting mad. Raccoon ran down from above. "People are playing above, there your two brothers may be playing. Do you want to climb up?" It did not seem as if he cared very much. He just wanted to climb up quickly. p. 99 Indeed, (one) put the rope around his neck, and tied the knot on the back. Indeed, he was drawn up from above. He ran at the same time, while some one drew him up from above. His head came to the cross-piece. His head was hit, (and) he was killed. Thus they (the Grizzly Bears) were all killed. Thus they were coaxed.

The youngest brother was dreaming all the time. This was his dream: "Your brothers were simply killed." He was afraid [if he should] go there. Now he got ready, put his belt on, and then went. He came to the man who was living there. Thus Grizzly Bear spoke: "Have you seen my brothers?"--"They used to eat here whenever they came here. Look! these are the remnants of their food; they all left their remnants here." Indeed, he saw it. "People play there, perhaps they (too) play there. You will see (them) there if you get there." Indeed, he came there. He came there to the man who was watching, (and) to the people who were playing. Raccoon ran down. He looked on. "Won't I be able to run down?" Indeed, he came there and looked on for a long time. People were playing there. Then he spoke thus: "Where are my brothers?" Thus (one) informed him. "Different people play above, they are there among (them)." Thus (some one) said: "Do you want to climb up?"--"Indeed, I want to climb up there."--"Come, you shall certainly climb up." Indeed, he came there. (Some one) put a rope around his neck. He took hold of the rope and took it off his neck. "I will run up without a rope." He ran. He climbed up quickly. (When he) had come halfway, he was out of breath. He could not hold on. Again he slid down from there. They looked at him from above. He heard as the people played above. Thus (one) said to him: "How will you climb up?" He was watched all the time. He became very much agitated. He said thus: p. 101 "All right! put the rope around my neck." (One) tied a knot on his back. He did not want it that way. "If I do it that way, then (you will) surely play." He did riot believe it. So Raccoon ran down. He looked at him, and, indeed, he had a knot on his back. Now (Raccoon) pretty nearly got on top. He began to slacken up a little bit, and turned the knot around. At the same time some one drew him up from above. "Do you see it?"

"Certainly, I see it." Thus spoke Grizzly Bear. Indeed, thus he spoke. "Put the rope around my neck." Indeed, (a man) made the knot on the back. Indeed, he ran up, while some one pulled him up from above. His head came near the cross-piece. He was looking out. His head was hit. He dodged as he was struck. just the rope was hit. The rope came apart and (was) rolled down below. It fell into the water when it (was) rolled down. "Indeed, my dream was true. My elder brothers were killed."

He swam out into the ocean. He ran away and swam far out. (They) could not follow him. He was seen as he swam. Thus he was thinking: "In which direction shall I go?" He began to swim towards the ocean. "Where shall I get ashore?" Thus he was thinking. He was cold as he was swimming ashore. Indeed, he came ashore at the mouth of the river. One old woman was living there. Thus he thought: "I will go there." He came ashore crawling. He could not stand up. Now, indeed, he came to the old woman who lived there. She recognized him when he got there. "Is that you, indeed, who arrived, grandson?" That old woman frightened him. "Don't you do anything, grandson." Thus spoke the old woman. "You are merely cold. You shall warm yourself here." She was going to kindle a fire. "You will get warm." Indeed, she kindled a big fire. Grizzly Bear fell asleep right away, as soon as he got warm. p. 103 Thus she said to him: "You sleep, (and) let me get some wood." She put big (quantities of) wood on the fire. At the same time she kindled it on the top. "Now you sleep, let me look for wood." Thus spoke the old woman. Indeed, she took a small basket and began rapidly to look for pitch. She rapidly filled the small basket. She came back to her house, and put (the pitch) into a bowl. With red-hot gravel-stones she boiled the pitch. The man who slept scented it. "What is this scent?" Thus spoke Grizzly Bear. It's only the wood which I caused to burn so very hard." Thus spoke that old woman. Grizzly Bear again fell sound asleep. He slept with his mouth wide open. The pitch was boiling. The old woman took the pot and poured (the pitch) into his mouth. Red-hot gravel she put into his mouth. That old woman ran away into a corner and looked on from there.

Grizzly Bear got up and began to jump around. He was looking for that old woman; and when he saw her, he seized her. He bit and chewed her between his teeth. She came out from there, from his mouth. The woman was sitting between his teeth. She again came out from there. Thus Grizzly Bear was thinking: "Thus I will kill the old woman." That old woman knew who he was, (and) Grizzly Bear knew the old woman. Grizzly Bear again seized that old woman. He was thinking thus: "I will now swallow her entirely." Indeed, he swallowed her entirely. That old woman came out through the anus-hole. The old woman cut out his heart. Thus she got even with him. Then she came out through the anus-hole. That old woman looked on as he died. Now she had killed him. The old woman was thinking, "What shall I do with him?" Thus she thought.

Every one came to know it when they had killed all (the Bears). Everybody came to know it. Thus spoke the p. 105 old woman: "You shall be nothing. The last generation shall see you." Thus spoke that old woman. "The last generation shall eat your meat. You shall be nothing. You will always be (an article of) food. Whenever you see some one, you will run away. Whenever you scent them (the people), you will run far away." All this that dear old woman was saying.

Now here it ends. Thus people tell the story.

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