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People lived on a small place. Many people lived (there). So thus spoke the oldest sister: "How would it be if we should lie down outside? It's a beautiful night (to) lie down." They all were talking thus: "It will certainly be good if we lie down outside." They were all women. So they went outside. There they went to bed. Now they began to make fun. They were almost asleep. They looked tip and saw many stars. Then the younger sister said, "Suppose these stars should be our two husbands." Then the older sister said, "Which one do you want?"--"I want some very small star." Thus she spoke. "Which one do you want?"--"I want some big star." Then they fell asleep. They no longer knew (anything). They were asleep.

They awoke early in the morning. (To her) surprise, a man was lying by her side when she awoke. Indeed, she looked at him. (To her) surprise, it was an old man (who) lay (there). His head (was covered with) gray hair. Suddenly she was surprised to see a man at the side of (her) older sister, a big star. A very pretty man was at the side of her older sister. The woman was astonished. Thus the man was talking: "I am the one (whom) you wanted (last) night."

p. 53

Thus they know about the Star-Men. They don't know what became of them.

Thus the story is being told. Here it ends.

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