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p. ii


 Foremost among those whose help must be acknowledged is Frank Goldtooth. This is really his book—his and the Navaho’s. His patience, understanding and friendship will be long remembered. To his sons, Teddy, Keith, Emerson and Herbert, go my thanks for their friendship and for their cheerful interpreting for so many tedious hours. Knowledge taken from many years experience on the reservation was generously given to me by Ed Kerley and Ed Stocks. To my parents and to my brother and his wife, Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth O. Fishler, I owe many thanks for their help in so many ways. My wife has also helped in innumerable ways during the various stages of preparation of the paper.

 I wish to express my appreciation to Professors E. Adamson Hoebel and Elmer R. Smith for suggestions and criticisms of the manuscript. I am indebted to Father Berard Haile who took time from his busy schedule to work several hours on the majority of transcriptions of Navaho terms and make other important suggestions. The phonetic system used by Father Haile in PRAYER STICK CUTTING in a Five Night Navaho Ceremonial of the Male Branch of the Shootingway is used herein.