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p. xvi

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Key to above Map

The wording in full is as follows, place names being extended as here given.

From the Point of Cotoch to Puerto Real is 130 leagues in length. The Point of Cotoch is one less than xx degrees. The mouth of Puerto Real is more than xxiii degrees. From Yucatan to the island of Cuba is ix leagues.

Cuzmil is an island 15 leagues long and v wide in xx degrees of this part of the equinoctial.

The island of Mugeres is xiii or xiiii leagues below the point of Cotoch, separated from toracolvo (?) two leagues. Chicheniza is ten leagues from Izamal and xi from Valladolid.

S: Salamanca. V: Valladolid. Chicheniza: an ancient settlement of Yucatan and where Montejo first settled. T: town of Tikoch. Y: Yzamal, ancient town. M: Merida which anciently was Tiho. C: ancient town called Calkini. Mani: city of the king and bue°. Ychpa: the ancient city of Ychpa.

Tg: Land they call of war. EB: Straits of Bacalar. RT: Rivers of Tahiza. Los Y: The uninhabited part of Yucatan. BA: Baia de Ascension. Las atiras: The strips that traverse the length of the coast, Zilam, Kichal, Caukel and Alzibo. TV: Tavasco, villa de la Victoria. La Florida and its rivers and ports discovered as far as Pánuco.

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