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Maya Hieroglyphic Writing (excerpts)

by J. Eric S. Thompson


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J. Eris S. Thompson was one of the leading 20th century Mayan scholars. This is a set of excerpts from Thompson's massive opus on Mayan writing. Mayan dates were the first elements of this writing system which were decoded, so there is extensive discussion of the Mayan calendar in this work. New portions of this book will be added in the near future, but it is not feasible to post the entire book on the web at this point.

Title Page
The Long Count
Appendix I. Divinatory Almanacs in the Books of Chilam Balam
Appendix II. The Correlation Question
Appendix III. Whorf's Attempts to Decipher the Maya Hieroglyphs
Appendix IV. Maya Calculations Far into the Past and into the Future
Appendix V. Determinants