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Now receive you this tobacco, you, Shagodiowên'gowa, the great false face.
Now it is that you have come to where your grandchildren are gathered.
Now you are taking the place of the great false faces who are wandering in the rocky valleys and mountains.
Now you are the ones who think much of this sacred tobacco.
Now we wish to make a request of you. So we always offer this sacred tobacco [literally, real tobacco], when we ask anything of you.
We pray that you help us with your power.
You can go over all the earth.
In the center of the earth is a great pine tree and that is the place of your resting. It is there that you rub your rattle when you come to rest.

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Now then this tree receives this tobacco.
We ask that you watch over us and exercise your power to protect us from anything harmful.
We hold in mind that you have ever done your duty in past times and we ask that you continue [vigilant] henceforth.
We use this tobacco when we ask favors of you for you are very fond of this tobacco.
Now your cane gets tobacco. The great pine tree to its top is your cane.
Now you, the husk faces, you get tobacco also.
You have been associated with the false faces in times past. Now you receive tobacco for you have done your duty.
So it is finished.

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