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"So they proceeded on their journey.

"Now it happened that when they were near the reservation line he said, 'Let us refresh ourselves before going farther.' So they sat down and ate and then they continued on their journey."

"Now it happened that when they were over the reservation line that he said, 'I have forgotten my knife. I may have left it where we stopped and ate last. I can not lose that knife for it is one that I prize above many things. Therefore I must return and find it.'

"The preacher went back alone and there was no one to go with him. Now he became very ill and it was with great difficulty that he returned. The others had all gone on to the council but he was not able to get to it for he was very sick and in great distress. So when he did not come it was said, 'Our meeting is only a gathering about the fireplace.'" Eniaiehuk.

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