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"Thus it happened in the past and it is the truth.

"'I must now take up my final journey to the new world,' he thought, and be was greatly troubled and longed for the home of his childhood and pined to return.

p. 78

"Then came the four messengers to him and said, 'The children will comfort you in your distress for they are without sin. They will elect a certain one from among them to plead that you continue to abide among them.'"

So they said. Eniaiehuk.

"Now it happened that it came to pass that all the children assembled and their spokesman did his utmost to exact a promise from Ganio`dai'io`. So great was his grief that after he had spoken a short time he could no longer plead. Then another boy was appointed by the children, a boy not bashful but rough and bold. So he, too, endeavored to persuade Ganio`dai'io`, but it was a difficult task for him and he could scarcely speak, but he did. Then Ganio`dai'io` made an answer to the children. He rose and exhorted them to ever be faithful and a great multitude heard him and wept." Eniaiehuk.

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