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"Now as they looked the master of the house spoke saying, 'Come.' Now the master knew the name of every one within the house. And straightway a woman came to where he stood. Then he grabbed her and forced her body into a great cauldron filled with a boiling liquid. Frequently he looked down into the cauldron to see if the woman had come again to the top. Suddenly she shot to the surface crying in a strange voice like some unknown animal and then sank down again. Soon again she appeared and cried, 'O, it is too hot! I should have an interval in which to cool myself!' Answered the punisher, 'Thou are not one-minded,' and jerking her out he flung her on one side. But the woman screeched in agony, 'O, it is too cold!' and her complaint was continuous and she moaned, 'It is too cold!' Then the punisher thrust her back into the boiling cauldron and immediately her bones rattled to the bottom. Such was the punishment given by the keeper of the house of torment.

"Then spoke the four messengers and said, 'This is the punishment given those who practice witchcraft. The woman whom you saw will suffer two deaths in this place and when her body is reduced to dust the punisher will gather them up again and conjure the dust back into a living body and continue his sport until finally

p. 72

he has become weary when he will blow her ashes to destruction. Such things happen to those who will not believe in Gai'wiio`.'"

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.

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