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"Now another message.

"Now the messengers said, 'Look you back in a vision to Cornplanter village and the place where the creek empties into the river.' So he looked and saw a large number of canoes gathered there. Many people were assembled and there were barrels of strong drink at the place. The people were making much noise. Now moreover there was a man there, hopping from canoe to canoe and singing Dji'haya:, the song of the evil-minded spirit. Now the words that he sang were these:

'More happy am I in my own house,
Far more happy there than here.'

Yet the man seemed to be greatly enjoying himself.

"Then said the messengers, 'You have been observing, now what did you see?'

He answered, 'I saw a man hopping from canoe to canoe singing the song of the evil-minded one. He said that his house was more happy a place than that where he was. The people about I should judge were filled with strong drink.' So he said in answer to the messengers.

p. 62

"Then answered the messengers, 'What you say is true. The man was the punisher and his delight is to see people filled with strong drink.'"

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.

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