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p. 60

Recitation of the third day



"Now another message. Tell it to those at Tonawanda.

"Now they said to him, 'Watch a certain place.' So he did and he saw a certain person holding meat in his hands. The man was rejoicing and was well clothed and fed and his name was Tâ?dondä'ieha?, and he recognized him."

"Then said they to him, 'How is it?'

"He answered, 'I recognized Tâ?dondä'ieha? and he held meat in his hands.' So answered he who talked religiously."

"Then the messengers answered, 'Truly you saw a man with meat enjoying himself. He was joyous because he was a prosperous and successful hunter and gave game as presents to his neighbors. So his neighbors were grateful and thanked him. Now the man you saw has departed from the earth. In his earth-life he cleansed himself each day, visited and enjoyed himself in his best clothing. He was ever good to his fellow-beings and so he is blessed and will receive the reward reserved for him by his Creator."

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.

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