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"Now it is said that when Ganio`dai'io` was at Tonawanda spreading Gai'wiio` it happened that a certain man named Segwai?'dongwi said, 'I will also send a message to the four messengers and ask whether I am right in my belief in repentance and right doing.' So he sent his message upward in tobacco smoke."

Now when the messengers arose from a council with Ganio`dai'io` he reported what they had told him. "It is a hard matter for he, the questioner, is two-minded." So he said.

Then Segwai?'dongwi said, "Now this will I do: I will give a string of wampum, ot?go'ä, to the chiefs for a proof of my repentance, for though I have been thinking, yet I can not discover that I am two-minded."

Now when Gai'wiiostûk (the Christian religion) came this man was the first to accept its teaching. When the chiefs heard of it they went to him and offered to return his wampum.

Then said the man, "I will not turn back because it is for the good of all that I have this religion."

p. 58

Now all the chiefs and head-men could not persuade him to return to the right way.

So it is said. Eniaiehuk.

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