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"'Now another message to tell your people.

"'You have been ignorant of this thing.

When the Honondi'ont go about to notify the community of a meeting for the celebration of Osto'wägo'wa, or for hearing the Great Ruler's message, the evil spirit at the same time appoints and sends another man, an invisible one, in his tracks saying, "Do not go. It is of no use, no benefit comes to you; rather do your own work at home and stay away." Now it is the messenger of the evil spirit that argues thus. Now know you that the evil spirit will hinder you in all good things but you can outwit him by doing the things that he does not wish you to do. Go then to the meetings. Then will the evil messenger follow you to the Long House and when from the outside you have heard the songs he will say that such is sufficient and that you may now return. Do not heed him but enter and take your seat. Then will he argue again saying that it is sufficient to listen and not take a part because you would not appear well in shabby clothing. Heed him not. Now this spirit speaks to your minds and his face is between you all.'"

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.

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