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"'Now another message.

"'The Creator is sad because of the sins of the beings that he created.

"'He ordained that mankind should live as social beings in communities.

p. 37

Now it may happen that a woman sets out to destroy good feelings between neighbors by telling go`diodia'se (stories that augment by repetition). Now this woman goes to a house and says, "I love you and because I do I will tell you a secret. The woman in the next house speaks evil of you." Now heretofore the two women had been friends but upon hearing this story the woman becomes an enemy of her former friend. Then the evil story-teller goes to the woman whom she lied about and tells her the hard words that the other woman has spoken. Then is the liar happy having started a feud, and she hastens from house to house to tell of it. Now great troubles arise and soon a fight, and one woman causes it all. Therefore the Creator is very sad. Tell your people that such things must stop the moment this message is told.

"'Now the Creator has ordained another way. He has ordained that human creatures should be kind one to the other and help each other. When a woman visits another house she must help at the work in progress and talk pleasantly. If she relates jokes they must always be upon herself. If she speaks harshly of others the woman of the house must say, "I remember the desires of our Creator. I can not hear what you say. I can not take that evil story." So the trouble is ended there. Now the Creator says that the woman is true who refuses to hear evil reports. She cuts off the evil at its beginning and it does not go from her. So she has won favor before the Creator.'"

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.

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