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Recitation of the Second Day


"'Now another message.

"'A way that was followed.

p. 36

"'Sometimes a mother is ready to feed her family. When she is ready to bid them sit down, she glances out and sees some one coming and straightway hides the food. A woman visitor comes in. Now after some conversation the visitor says she is unwell and goes out. Then the family commences to eat. And the Creator says that who follow such tricks must repent as soon as they hear this message, for such practices are most wicked.'

"Now the messengers said this."

"'Now the Creator made food for all creatures and it must be free for all. He ordained that people should live in communities. Now when visitors enter a lodge the woman must always say, "Sede'konî?'"," come eat. Now it is not right to refuse what is offered. The visitor must take two or three bites at least and say, "Niawên'." Tell this to all your people.'"

So they said and he said. Eniaiehuk.


35:1 The wisdom of the aged, especially upon ceremonial matters, was never questioned.

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