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101. MALARSUAK, A STORY FROM EAST GREENLAND.—A man named Malarsuak started in search of his lost sister. Travelling by sledge, he came to houses inhabited by cannibals, with one of which he found his sister domesticated. A hideous-looking youth came into the house, whom Malarsuak killed by piercing his head with a bear's tooth fastened into a stick, whereupon the host threw the dead body under the bench. Some time after a woman appeared, saying, "Is this not my miserable son here—I mean the one who ought to serve as food for his brothers?" Malarsuak travelled homewards, but came back on a visit, bringing his wife and a little child with him. The cannibals robbed them of their child. When going to leave, the brother-in-law tried to persuade him first to cut all the lashings of his p. 449 place-fellows' sledges, in order to prevent their pursuing the travellers. Malarsuak took his advice, but happened to forget one of the sledges, which came speeding after him; but he killed the driver and made his escape himself.