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97. A MAN LIVING ON KARUSUK (in the firth of Goothaab) every day used to repair to Kangek (about 24 miles distant) for the purpose of hunting auks. For his companion he had an ingnersuak, who at the same time was the tornak of an angakok, living farther up the firth at Tukak. It is said that even nowadays many kayakers have an ingnersuak for their companion, and every now and then they become visible. Sometimes a kayaker observing two distinct kayaks at a distance, on coming nearer will only meet with one, who on being questioned is not aware of any other having been with him. In such cases people believe it to have been an ingnersuak, on account of their being invisible, excepting from a great distance. The said ingnersuak in the short winter days came to Karusuk, waited until he saw the man ready to start for Kangek, and then followed, and took care of him the whole day, and returned p. 446 with him to Karusuk, from whence he went on to his home at Tukak.