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93. AN ANGAKOK FLIGHT.—A great angakok, being once called upon to perform a conjuration, took a thong of seal-skin, and having in one end cut a hole for his toe, he twisted it round his body, and made fast the other end to his head. When the lamps had been all extinguished, he was lifted up, and soaring about the house he made the roof lift and give way to him. Having escaped through the opening he flew to the inland, and came to a house inhabited only by women, but as soon as he tried to approach any of them the house-pillar (their enchanted husband) began to emit sparks of fire and lean towards him. The next time he flew to the inland he was seized hold of by the inlanders, who essayed to play at ball with him, hurling him backwards and forwards between them till he was nearly dead, when he called his tornak, who quickly rescued him. The third time he came to his sister, who had disappeared many years before, but whom he now found married to an inlander; she gave him a piece of reindeer-skin as a token to take home with him in order to convince people of his really having been with her.