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Inuit Women, photo by Edward Curtis (Public Domain Image)
Inuit Women, photo by Edward Curtis (Public Domain Image)

The Eskimo of Siberia

by Waldemar Bogoras

[Leiden & New York, 1913]

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This book is part of the same series (The Jessup North Pacific Expedition) as Chukchee Mythology, which was posted earlier at sacred-texts. All of the notes on that index page apply to this text as well. Also, Part III — Text is not presented here as it is printed in the original language with only interlinear translation. This amounts to about 3pp. of deleted material.

Title Page

I. Folk-Tales

1. The Dead Bride.
2. The Carrier of Seaweed.
3. The One without Arms.
4. The Girl who watched in the Night-Time.
5. Creation of the World.
6. The Girl in the Iron Box.
7. The Eagle-Boy.
8. The Old Woman and the Wild Beasts.
9. The Brothers held Captive on an Island.
10. The Man who used Magic against the Storm.
11. The Hare frees the Sun.
12. Raven swallows Blubber.
13. The Woman and the Doer of Violence.
14. Creation of St. Lawrence Island.
15. The Contest between the Giant and the Plover.
16. The Shaman A´bla.