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Father often watches field, and being tired tells daughter to come and take his; place. She goes and father returns to village. She hears singing in hollow, but does not go there. She tells father roasting ears of corn are coming out. In morning girl goes to field early. She hears singing again. She goes and sees little beings engaged in dance. Grasshoppers notice her and stop. She asks them to go on, but they refuse until she offers them one division of corn-field. They then dance and sing. When through they fly to corn-field

p. 314

and devour corn. They eat beyond limit and maiden tries to drive them away, but cannot. She runs home and tells father. He hurries to field and finds Grasshoppers have eaten up all corn. He follows them and finding them asleep, kills many of them with stick and destroys their houses. Others escape and now Grasshoppers live anywhere.

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