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p. 313


Crow and Hawk, while hunting, meet, and Crow invites Hawk to visit him. Hawk takes, rabbits for his children and thinks of good food Crow has promised to prepare. In morning Hawk goes over to friend who is cooking lölö'okong cut into pieces. It is fat and smells strong. Hawk does not relish it and only pretends to eat. They converse long time about hunting. Crow has many lizards, etc., which fill his house with odor, and Hawk does not enjoy his stay. On returning home he invites Crow to visit him next day and, promises him good food. Crow thinks about good food it is to have and goes to friend's house in morning. Hawk cooks only skins and intestines of rabbits, which he sets before Crow. Crow relishes food very much, though Hawk thought he would not eat any of it. They talk all day together and in evening Crow returns home.

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