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Owl determines to kill Mouse and flies about hole. Mole places pointed sticks around hole. Owl in trying to catch Mouse is pierced by stick and is killed. Mouse pulls out all Owl's feathers and ties them into little bunches. He calls neighbors and distributes feathers, which they tie on their heads. They decide to have dance and request one to make song. They thrust more sticks into ground in case more Owls should be around while dancing. They put up large feathers in center of inclosure as tiponi around which to dance. Leader has little bow with tiny arrows. While dance is going on Hawk swoops down and kills many Mice. Others rush into their house.


Sparrow Hawk catches many lizards, but does not attempt to catch Hâkwâ. Hâkwâ thinks Sparrow Hawk is afraid and sings taunting song. Sparrow Hawk is irritated and tells Hâkwâ he does not want to kill him, he is too dirty. Hâkwâ repeats his song four times. Hawk determines to kill Hâkwâ and takes little Hawk- to stone where he had sat and flies away. Hâkwâ again comes out and mistaking young Sparrow Hawk for old one, begins song again. Sparrow Hawk has made large circuit and swoops down on Hâkwâ, kills him, and carries him home. Hâkwâ is very fat, and Sparrow Hawk and brood live on him until latter can leave nest.

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