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Badger is doctor and people go to him when sick. Hopi hunter has leg broken and tries to get home alone. He sees small people like children in underground room, who invite him to come down. He cannot, and they carry him down. They pity him and decide to repair his leg. They crowd around him and rub him all over body and all at once run away. Man finds his leg in normal condition and goes home. Badger hears about it and is jealous. He

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feigns sickness, lying down, taking no nourishment and expectorating in bowl for three days. He sends to Mice doctors, asking them to have pity on him. They go to dwelling of Badger, who has hidden stick under his bed. Mice gather round bed of Badger, who groans as if he were going to die Mice while moving in circle, sing song about Badger and then chief tells him that nothing is matter with him. Chief then ascends ladder, followed by other Mice. Badger grabs stick and begins to strike at Mice, but hits none of them, and all escape. Some of the younger Mice being chased by Badger cannot find their way home and dig holes for themselves. This is Why they are living all over country. Hopi workers in field, if sick or hurt, are in some unseen way taken care of by Mice.

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