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Squirrel and Chipmunk are good friends and go together to old man's orchard to eat peaches. Chipmunk relishes peaches and Squirrel prefers kernels. Squirrel says they ought to dance sometimes, and asks Chipmunk to make song. He makes song about Squirrel, who at first is not pleased, but afterwards is satisfied, and they practice song together. They go to orchard and find old man there, so they wait until he is asleep and then, they carry off many peaches. After feasting they dance and sing. Noise awakens old man, who runs towards them and says he will kilt them. They jump down and run into house of Squirrel at foot of rock. Old man follows and waits for them. Chipmunk runs out and escapes to his house. After this they do not fear old man, and live off his orchard. As he did not kill them they are now not much afraid of Hopi and destroy their peaches.

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