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Three maidens live with father and mother in Oraíbi. Coyote longs for maidens and tells grandmother. She tells him to go to village and if he sees bow, arrow quiver, red yarn, blue yarn, leggings, blue shirt and red stone ochre, to bring them. He goes, finds things and takes them to grandmother. She dresses him up and puts ochre on his face. He goes to maidens, whose father has put stone trap east of Coyote's house. At balance is some rabbit meat. Coyote presses towards meat, pulls at it, trap shuts and he dies there. Maidens

p. 310

going home in evening see him caught and laugh when they see arrow quiver They go home and tell father, who says he will go there to-morrow. In morning he goes and finds Coyote caught. He carries him to field, skins him, and hang,, up his skin as watching flag.

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