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Badger and Coyote are great friends. Coyote has found place where Kóhonino maiden has died and when hunting together one day Coyote suggests that they shall revive her. They find maiden's bones, which they place in heap, and Badger covers with his black kilt. That maiden may have flesh and color he sends Coyote to get grass and red paint, which he wets with water Coyote gets from spring. Badger then makes Coyote go away, as otherwise maiden will not revive. Badger sings and passes paint over bones and grass several times and maiden is alive. She asks what he wants, and he calls Coyote. She is willing to go home with them. On the way Coyote covets mána, but Badger is not willing and says she is to be their clan sister. Coyote is still anxious to have maiden and bites her in calf of leg. Badger expostulates with him and maiden falls down and dies again. Badger takes body on his back to bury her and Coyote follows. Badger asks why he follows and Coyote goes. He comes again while Badger is digging grave and they bury maiden and return home. They stay at Coyote's house that night. In morning Badger goes home, inviting friend to visit him next day. As he goes home he thinks how he shall kill Coyote. He kills four bull-snakes, which he cuts into short pieces and puts pieces in drying pot. The snakes are fat. He then makes hurúshuki. Coyote comes and they commence to eat right away. Coyote asks what it is that tastes so good. Badger says he did not know what to set before him, so he opened his abdomen, took his entrails out and roasted them, and his abdomen closed up again. In proof he shows abdomen with little scratch he has made on it. Coyote believes him and says he will do that, too. He asks Badger to visit him in morning and borrows knife and pot. In morning Coyote puts pot on fire, opens abdomen with knife and paws and entrails drop out. He takes hold of large intestine and drops dead. Badger comes and finds friend dead. He takes fat from Coyote and returns to his house. He spreads fat on ant hill near and ants move away. This is why ants do not remain where coyote fat is placed and that Coyote fat is used for ant bites.

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