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Coyote goes to visit his friend Porcupine. After talking long time Porcupine tells Coyote to build fire. He makes large fire and then Porcupine draws small pointed stick from his hair, and thrusts it into his nose. Blood and fat drops out on fire and is roasted. He hands it to Coyote to eat. They converse until evening, and as Coyote leaves, he invites Porcupine to visit him next day. Porcupine goes next morning to his friend. Coyote has pointed stick thrust into his hair. At noon Porcupine lights fire. Coyote pulls out stick, bends over fire and pokes nose with stick. Blood mixed with fat comes out, covers fire and won't stop. Finally Coyote becomes exhausted and falls down. Porcupine, thinking Coyote dead, laughs and goes home. Coyote revives and next morning he goes to attack friend. Porcupine sees blood on his nose and tells him he thought he had died. Coyote accuses him of having bewitched him and says he is going to devour him. Porcupine expostulates with Coyote, who finally quiets down. They live together again as friends, Coyote thinking he will have chance to take revenge on Porcupine.

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