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Coyote and Turkey are great friends and both have children. Coyote goes to Turkey's house and admires figures on little turkey's feathers. Turkey mother says she baked children and ate their meat, but did not break any bones, which she put into tray and waved up and down, singing song, and then threw bones outside and children got alive again beautifully figured. In morning Coyote gets wood and makes oven very hot. Then he throws all little Coyotes in and plasters oven up. In evening he takes them out thoroughly baked, eats meat, but does not hurt bones, which he gathers into basket. During night Turkey mother sends her children away to San Francisco Mountains. She rolls up small blankets and places them on floor to make them appear as sleeping. Then she follows children. When sun comes out Coyote takes tray containing children's bones, waves it up and down, singing song, and throws bones away. Nothing comes alive and only bones are there. He is very angry and runs very fast to friend's house. He jumps on beds and grabs at young turkeys, but nobody is there. He hunts tracks of turkeys, who have arrived at Little Colorado River. They cross it and little turkeys are very tired and mother leaves them and runs ahead to San Francisco Mountains.

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She tells turkeys that Coyote is following them and two very strong Turkey men run towards place where mother has left children. Coyote is chasing little turkeys and is just about to take one when Turkey men come, grab little Ones and run away with them on their backs. Coyote says he is hungry and wants to cat them, but they do not listen to him. He returns home hungry, but dies before he gets there.

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