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Coyote, Bat, and Humming-bird are friends. Bat and bird visit Coyote, who always has plenty of meat, which they enjoy. Rat thinks he will invite his two friends, but is worried as to what he will give them to eat. He goes in evening to Oraíbi, thinking some one may have forgotten to take in meat that is drying, but finds none. He returns home discouraged, but goes again and finds open window, through which he gets into house, and carries home piece of tallow. He afterwards gets more tallow and some meat and some salt. He determines if his friends ask where he got food to say from Badger. In morning he invites bird and Coyote to visit him. They go and at noon Bat prepares meal. His friends enjoy food and ask him where he got it. He says Badger gave him it. They say nothing, but on way home talk matters over and agree that Bat is deceiving them. Bird visits Coyote in evening. They talk about food and agree that Bat must have stolen it in Oraíbi. They conclude they will song-tie him and start to make song. During night Coyote finishes song and in morning he goes to bird's house and. sings song. They practice it until they both know it, Bird invites Bat in evening and fetches Coyote. Bird proposes to have song and they all. stand in line. Bird begins song, Coyote chimes in and Bat sings best he can, but soon finds out that joke is being played on him. He stops singing, tells them they have song-tied him and that it ends their friendship. They disperse and never become friends again.

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