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p. 301


In Shupaúlávi child cries bitterly and mother beats it. She tells it she will throw it out to the owl and drags child out of house. Large Owl comes and carries child off on his back. He takes child to cave, where his children are living nicely. Then mother no longer hears crying. She comes and looks for child, but it has gone. In morning she hunts for it, but cannot find it. Men going after wood, on passing Owl's cave, hear singing. They look up and in cave see child which has feathers and white spots of owl appearing all over body, and eyes becoming yellow. On return to village they tell what they have seen. Parents of child proceed with men to place. Men climb up to cave and take child. Owl tells them to keep child locked in room four days and let it out on fourth day when sun rises. It will then be Hopi. If door is opened sooner, child will remain Owl and go back. They take child to village and lock it up in room. Father watches. After first day mother is anxious to open door, but father forbids. When it begins to be light after third night, she open,, door and out rushes Owl, which rises up and flies to place it has come from.

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