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Two Oraíbi women are great friends. They meet returning from getting water and Shovíviounöm asks Kavúshkavuwnöm what she is getting water to cook Latter says dish of young squashes, and asks friend to visit her. Shovíviounöm goes home, prepares some hurúshuki and takes it to house of friend, who has prepared young squashes. While eating they converse, and, after visiting awhile, Shovíviounöm returns home. Next day when returning from spring she meets friend, who asks her what she is getting water to cook. Shovíviounöm says Tavóchona, and asks, friend to visit her. On return Kavúshkavuwnöm prepares some hurúshuki and proceeds to house of friend, Who prepares rabbit meat. They eat and converse until sun goes down. Then Kavúshkavuwnöm returns home.

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